MCSD 70-483: Web Applications (C# option)


I'm preparing "Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications" certification and I'd
like to share with you some topics I consider basic to pass this certification.

I've chosen the C# path, which basically replaces first exam "Exam 480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3" by "Programming C# (Microsoft Exam 70-483)".

The following list provides you the fundamentals and more advanced topics to pass this certification in less than 20 days!


  • Basic:

    1. Code Reflection and Information; Working with Garbage Collection
    2. Data validation, Data contracts and Unhandled exceptions
    3. Encryption techniques, Hashing and Symmetric encryption
    4. Assemblies, WinMD Diagnostics and Instrumentations
    5. File System and leveraging Web services
    6. Using LINQ to Objects and XML; Fundamentals of Serialization

  • Advanced:

    • Chapter 1:
      • Day 1Multi-threading and async processing. Thread pools. Tasks
      • Day 2Parallel class. Async / await, PLINQ and Concurrent collections
      • Day 3: Events and how lambda expressions and delegates work all together. 
      • Day 4: Exception handling.
    • Chapter 2:
      • Day 5: Create types and use types
      • Day 6: Enforce encapsulation
      • Day 7: Create and implement a class hierarchy
      • Day 8: Reflection
      • Day 9: Object life cycle
    • Chapter 3:
      • Day 10: Validate application input
      • Day 11: Perform symmetric / asymmetric encryption
      • Day 12: Manage assemblies
      • Day 13: Debug an application
      • Day 14: Application diagnosis
    • Chapter 4:

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